What is Device Manager

Device Manager is the main centralized suite used to manage all the HDS components that you might have at a site. It can manage VSP's, USP's, HUS's, HNAS, etc. Keep in mind that Hitachi Recommends that you need one Command Suite server/site. Please note theat Device Manager and Hitachi Command Suite are somewhat the same term.

The way the connectivity is done is via tcp/ip to the element manager or svp of the desired array. We will walk through adding a server into the device manager as part of this series.

To install, download the kit from hds.com and install using the normal next, next ... What it will do it will install a webservice on that particular server on port 23015. It will install Hitachi Command Suite along with Device Manager. You can also install other components of command suite using particular cd's

Command Suite is the unified platform where you can take care of all activities regarding your environment from migrations using (Mobility), replication or alerting.
To lunch the command suite you have two options :

  1. Open it via the Start->Hitachi Command Suite -> Login - HCS
  2. Open a browser and point it to the following url: http://your-server-ip:23015/DeviceManager/

Default username/password for Hitachi Command Suite are as follows:
username: system
password: manager
Once you login you will see the following tabs is you are using the system account. Please note that the tabs are configured per user basis so not all users will see all tabs. Each tab represent a different product that need a license from HDS.
These are the main tabs of Command Suite

  • Dashboard: Provides a quick look at the overall health of your registerd arrays
  • Resources: This is the portion of the command suite that allows the administrator to perform daily activities like carving, mapping and masking
  • Analytics: This is the reporting tool still part of the device manager that allows you to have a quick glance at different logical groups
  • Mobility: This is the tab that is used for migration and virtualization of external volumes. Also known as HTSM or Hitachi Command Suite Data Mobility
  • Tasks&Alerts
  • Administration

You can click on each one to dive into each portion.

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