TrueCopy states

Normaly in a truecopy replication state we see different codes telling us teh health of the pairs. Here are the most common ones. Don't forget that P-VOL represents the primary volume (the one being replicated) and the S-VOL represents the secondary volume (the one replicating to).

TrueCopy states

Code State Details Replicating S-VOL state
SMPL simplex This volume is not part of any replications relationships. The host can access the volume No Read-Write
PAIR paired This volume has finished synchronization and it's in a relationship active. Active Read Only
COPY copying This volume is performing the initial copy operation. In progress Read Only
PSUS Pair Suspended-Split The volume is split NO but resumable N/A
SSUS Secondary Suspended-Split The S-VOL is accesible to the host for read or read/write operations NO but resumable R/W if pairsplit done with -rw
PSUE Pair suspend - error The pair is in a error state and not replicating NO but restartable (will start from 0% again) Read Only
PSUF Pair Full Sidefile Pair is split due to a sidefile full. NO but restartable (will start from 0% again) Read Only
PDUB ???? When using LUSE volumes this code tells you that one of the LDEVs within the LUSE has failed. NO but restartable (will start from 0% again) Read Only
SSWS Secondary suspended With Swap for failover. -

Here are the status states for paircreate/pairsplit and parresync

Status Paircreate Copy Paircreate Nocopy Pairsplit -r or -rw Pairsplit -P Pairsplit -S Pairresync
SMPL Accepted Accepted Rejected Rejected Acceptable Rejected
COPY Acceptable Acceptable Accepted Rejected. Accepted Acceptable
PAIR Acceptable Acceptable Accepted Accepted Accepted Acceptable
PSUS Rejected Rejected Acceptable Acceptable Accepted Accepted
PSUE Rejected Rejected Rejected Rejected Accepted Accepted
PDUB Rejected Rejected Rejected Rejected Accepted Accepted

Here is the manual for replication if you want to read more about it. -

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