Setting up truecopy between two VSP arrays

This article is a how-to on setting up replication between 2 enterprise class arrays using TrueCopy.
Remember that replication in HDS in unidirectional so setting this from Array A to array B does not mean that array B will be able to replicate data to Array A. You will need 2 type of ports for this replication. The source array uses Initiator type ports and the target array used RCU Targer type ports.

Some other acronims used in replications could be M-RCU (master remote control unit), R-RCU (replica remote control unit). You will need to change the replication ports accordingly. Also, if you use a direct connection between arrays (no switch), you will need to set FABRIC to OFF and Connection Type to FC-AL. For FC Switches config use P-to-P and Fabric ON for your settings.

Setting up truecopy

Make sure you have your details written down from a planning perspective. You should have at least these details (see example bellow).

Source array S/N Source Array Port Destination Array S/N Destination Array Port
12345 CL1-A 11221 CL3-F
12345 CL2-A 11221 CL4-F

The example above would setup replication between array 12345 and array 11221 on ports 1-A and 2-A (source) and 3-F and 4-F as rcu targets (destination).

Anyway, first you will need to open storage navigator. You could either open SVP directly or login to HCS, right click on the source array and select Element Manager (please note if you see the message: "HTTP Status 404 - The requested resouce () is not available" after you click i trust the certificate, just close the Hitachi Storage Navigator window - titled Apache Tomcat/6.0.16 and try again)

Setting up truecopy

Now navigate to Actions\Remote Copy\TrueCopy\RCU Operation...

A java applet will load, if you have problems save it and open it with java.

Change your mode to EDIT by clicking on the Penlike icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click Ok to accept the mode change.

Now click on CU Free, Right Click on the gray area (marked with number 2) and select RCU Operation > Add RCU (Fibre)

Type the S/N of the target array in the RCU S/N, the define your MCU (source) and RCU (destination) ports. Remember MCU ports need to be INITIATOR and RCU ports need to be RCU Target.


Click Option and don't change the defaults

Click Set, followed by Apply and you are done with the config. At this point you can either use the GUI to setup new pairs or use HORCM - CCI.

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